Frequently asked questions

How does shipping work?

We offer free domestic shipping within the U.S. We cover shipping of your kit from us to you, and each kit includes a prepaid return mailer for you to send your sample back to the lab. Shipping each way usually takes about 3-5 business days.

How soon will I get my results?

For most tests, you’ll get an email notification that your results are ready within three weeks of the day we receive your sample in the lab.

What kind of a sample do I have to send in?

All our tests use only a simple cheek swab. It’s quick and easy to do in the comfort of your own home. We ask for two swabs per customer, to help ensure we have enough DNA.

What if my sample gets contaminated?

As long as you follow the sample collection instructions which are included in your kit, the chances of contamination are low. Avoid touching the end of the swab with your fingers and place it in the sample envelope as soon as you finish swabbing your cheek. Make sure to leave the desiccant pack inside the envelope; that will help dry the swabs. If there is a problem with your sample, we’ll contact you and send you a new kit to collect a new sample, at no extra charge.

How accurate are my results?

The genotyping technology used is over 99% accurate. [99.82% call rate, 99.99% reproducibility].

How do you turn genotype results into the results I see in my report?

All the interpretation of genotypes in our reports has been extensively researched by our scientists, using reputable, peer-reviewed studies.

Do you share my data or results with anyone?

GeneTest4u will never share your results with anyone other than you. We don’t share or sell your data, and we don’t upload your DNA to any database, anywhere.