Fitness Genetic Test

Tthings you can learn from our DNA Fitness test.


  • Your fitness traits. The test might explain why you take longer to recover, why you find running easier than weight training and why you gain muscles slower than most people.
  • The best workout plan for your body. Based on your DNA, the test report will recommend which fitness plan will get you the best results.
  • Best workouts to avoid injury. Some tests also tell you how you are genetically predisposed to certain injuries and how to modify your workouts to reduce the risk of injury.
  • How to improve athletic performance. Some tests are aimed at professional athletes. The reports contain in-depth data and information on how to optimize areas like speed, endurance, and strength.

    Fitness Genetic Test

    • Our Fitness DNA Test is engineered to provide unfiltered access to how your body responds to physical exercise. Identify 31 genetic traits that are essential to fitness including strength, recovery, and performance. Results will help you create the ideal fitness routine to maximize weight loss and discover your competitive edge.


      • Optimal exercise for weight loss and muscle development
      • Personalized fitness for cardiovascular health
      • Performance and recovery recommendations
      • Recommended for weight loss and fitness training.


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