Skin Genetic Test

Everyone’s skin is different and a Skin Care DNA Test is the perfect first step towards better care for your skin, as it imparts a certain degree of control over the process of aging. Scientific research has shown that a major factor in one’s skin aging can be attributed to the genes. Everyone’s skin has a different genetic capacity to remain hydrated and elastic. Some people can have a genetic predisposition to higher than normal sun sensitivity. All these factors contribute to the overall health of your skin and DNA testing for skin care can help determine ways to care for your skin.



Skin aging is a complex process influenced by hereditary and environmental factors. Recent studies on twins have revealed that up to 60% of the skin aging variation between individuals can be attributed to genetic factors, while the remaining 40% is due to non-genetic factors.



The physical appearance of your skin owes a lot to its texture. Cellulite, wrinkles, stretch marks, and varicose veins will all be a fact of life for most of us, if they aren’t already. But some of us are more or less likely to develop these and that’s thanks in part to our genetics. Our genes don’t just determine the outward appearance of our skin, they also determine the inner structure including things like fat deposits, connective tissue, and blood vessels, all of which contribute to the overall texture of skin. This skin genetic test will let you know your likelihood of developing these traits and potential treatments to lessen their effects.

Skin Genetic Test

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  • Our Skin DNA Test analyzes 25 genetic traits that will help you develop and maintain a healthier skincare routine. You’ll learn about your genetic tendencies and vulnerabilities, from complexion to nutritional deficiencies. Receive personalized treatment recommendations based on your unique genetic profile.

    Recommended for proactive skin health and anti-aging.